How to Apply for Cornell University Scholarship Financial Aid

Please follow the following instructions to win Cornell University financial aid:

  1. Read these steps to apply to Cornell for the students.
  2. Create account on the common app first and then fill the application and submit all the requirements for the Cornell University Scholarships.
  3. Search for the University in my College Tab for the Cornell University Scholarships.
  4. Answer the application questions on the common App tab, which include the following:
    • Profile: fill your personal information, contact details, citizenship, for students
    • Family: fill your household information so apply here from the following link.
    • Education: fill information about your secondary school, universities ( if applicable), honors, and courses for the Cornell University Scholarships.
    • Tests taken and activities for this university.
    • Writing : write a personal statement with a maximum of 650 words for the passing test.
  5. Use this application check list to make sure you have everything done after this hurdules.
  6. There is an application fees 80$ or a fee waiver.
  7. For frequently asked questions about financial aid click here. for more information visit site


Main official site for the Cornell University Scholarships 2023 is given below:

Official Website