List of Scholarships in Portugal 2023

Portugal borders Spain. It is a member of the European Union. Scholarships in Portugal 2023 are available. Portuguese scholarships for international students are currently available at most Portuguese universities. Scholarships are available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. There are several universities in Portugal that do not require IELTS. You can apply without IELTS scores. Portugal Scholarships are offered by Portuguese universities and the Portuguese government. It’s a good move to apply for Portugal Fully Funded Scholarship since competition is not too tough.

Universities and scholarships are abundant in Europe. In Europe, there are many scholarship opportunities. When you study in any country in Europe, you have the opportunity to visit other European countries as well. Europe consists of 44 countries. Universities in Portugal offer a wide range of academic fields. It is possible to study in Portugal with low IELTS bands as well as without them.

Scholarships are available for international students at the University of Porto in Portugal. The European Social Fund co-finances the Scholarships. A four-year undergraduate scholarship, a two-year master’s scholarship, and a three-year doctoral scholarship are available. Read the complete information about the Scholarships in Portugal 2023 if you are interested in studying in Portugal in 2023.

About Scholarships in Portugal 2023

  • Scholarship Country: Portugal
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Funded

Available Fields of Study

Different universities in Portugal offer the Courses and Cycles.

  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science
  • Faculty of Sport
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • Faculty of Psychology and Education Science
  • Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar
  • Porto Business School

List of Scholarships in Portugal 2023

The following is a list of scholarships sponsored by the Portugal Government for international students.

1# University of Porto Merit Scholarships

Each year, U.Porto awards merit scholarships to students who rank at the top of their classes. Applicants must be enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, or integrated master’s program.


2# SASUP Scholarships

A student enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Integrated Master’s Course at the U.Porto is eligible to apply for a scholarship awarded by the Social Services of the U.Porto (SASUP.

3# Scientific Scholarship

Scientific Initiation Scholarships and Research Scholarships are awarded to holders of Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral Degrees to obtain scientific training in research projects or in national scientific and technological institutions.

4# University of Lisbon Scholarships

It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Portugal that accepts international students. The Lisbon University has a reputation for providing scholarships to students pursuing Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degrees.


5# University of Coimbra Scholarships

The University of Coimbra is one of the most renowned universities in Portugal. Scholarships are offered to students from developing countries. Students can apply for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D. Programs.


6# University of Minho Scholarships

International applicants can also apply for University of Minho Scholarships in Portugal. Applicants from low-middle-income countries are offered admissions and scholarships.

Tuition fee coverage, health coverage, and other living expenses are also covered.


Language Requirements

It is possible to apply to many universities in Portugal without IELTS scores. There are many universities in Portugal where you can study without IELTS.

As long as the previous education of the student was completed in the English medium, many Portuguese universities do not require IELTS. You can submit an English Proficiency Language Certificate instead of IELTS if you have completed your education in an English medium institution.

List of Portugal Universities Without IELTS 2023

In general, Portugal Universities do not require IELTS for students interested in studying there.

  • University of Porto
  • University of Lisbon
  • Nova University of Lisbon
  • University of Coimbra
  • University of Aveiro


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