Microsoft Internships 2022 – Vacancies Open for Students

Microsoft Summer Internship Program 2022 is accepting online applications. Microsoft Internships 2022 is a fully-funded opportunity to explore out-of-the-world tech experience.


Microsoft has good news for all the scholars who are seeking to get real job roles in order to bring origination to the world. The company has introduced its summer internship programs for the students registered in bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs.

Being a well-reputed tech company, it’s an admirable opportunity for students all over the world to learn numerous new tricks and methods along with the execution of their exclusive ideas through Microsoft’s professional platform. Additionally, the collective struggle brings the projects to the market for acceptance and use.

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Microsoft Internships Funding Coverage

The following aids will be enjoyed by the interns at Microsoft:

  • Paid Internships:

A paid internship program with Microsoft gives students a fantastic chance to use top-notch technology and support to actualize their original and distinguishing ideas that will provide the world with novel methods in the tech sector. So, this program­ guarantees that its internees will have a well career in the future.

  • Diversity through remote work environment:

Besides, Microsoft expects its applicants to introduce novel approaches in the tech and corporate sector by bringing variety and out-of-the-box ideas to the market. For this reason, they provide the finest possible work environment to their internees around the globe through remote projects.

  • Increases productivity:

These internships provide a student with the liberty to dedicate their day according to their ways and ease in a remote work environment. Providing students with a stable work-life experience rises the overall productivity while at the same time conserving the energies of applicants by providing them with a opportunity to work in a remote setup.

  • Student friendly:

While the Microsoft internship is a novel chance, the fully funded aspect of the program makes it more student-friendly. This means that the students will not have to pay for any costs.

  • Elevates interpersonal skills

As the internship covers the moneys of the students, it’s also become a foundation of polishing several personal and professional skills which mainly contain communication skills, problem-solving techniques, leadership capacities, effective time utilization, and MS Office expertise and training. It is estimated that Microsoft interns will invent the world by coming up with something new and exclusive. They receive the best working conditions offered.

  • Experience

The Microsoft internship program is fully subsidized and intended to encompass all academic disciplines. And most significantly, becoming a part of Microsoft through their internship program would play a vast role in bringing more weight to an internee’s cv.

  • Supplementary benefits:

At the same time, it has a bunch of other aids that make it a part of everyone’s Wishlist, a few of them mainly contain the free training, the paid Air Fare, the Software discounts, the shipping compensation, the health club membership, and a much more.

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Subjects Under Microsoft Interns Program

Microsoft offers internees chances that perfectly align with the background of education and location of the applicant. Internships are presented in the following domains: the UX design, the IT operations, the Hard Ware Engineering, the Supply Chain, the Data and the Applied sciences, the Sales, and the Marketing.

1# Engineering:

These internship chances are not only limited to the above-mentioned arenas. Microsoft offers a diversity of junctures in the field of engineering e.g. program manager, the product planning, the software engineering, the technical writer, the programmer writer, and the service engineer.

2# Additional field- Services:

While at the same time numerous internships are also presented in the field of services like the Support Engineer, the Consultant, the technical evangelist, and the Technical Account Manager.

Which Countries Offer Microsoft Internships?

Microsoft, being a company constructed in the United States, is not just limited to facilitating its internship chance in the US. But instead, it also provides many chances to multiple applicants by working virtually all around the globe.

Microsoft is working in the Redmond, the Western Australia, and the Bay Area, California in the USA, as well as in the form of the garage internship programs presented by the Cambridge, the MA, the USA, the Vancouver, the BC, and the Canada. By working in several countries, Microsoft has made it very appropriate for a prominent number of scholars to get helped from such a resourceful chance.

Future targets

Microsoft Internship Programs dragged out spectacular accomplishments as numerous applicants throughout the world applied for internship chances. The future summer internship programs are planned at giving more consequence to initiating projects that involve an experienced team so that applicants can raise their skills and knowledge through professional experience in the corporate area under the mentorship of experts working on many effective and visible projects.

Steps to Apply for Microsoft Internships

To become a part of such a reliable chance, the interested applicants can apply online through the official link i.e., Microsoft Internships page offered on the Microsoft website.

To learn and explore more about the field that an applicant is interested in and the internship designations offered at the Microsoft, scholars can click on the specific tab to discover more. Once candidate lands on the page that displays the field they are concerned in, apply online.

After free registration, an account with the candidate’s name will be formed. The deadline and the opening dates for the registration differ based on the country location, the designation, and the academic background of the candidate.

Steps for Application:

While applying for the internship there are a few steps that the interested applicants need to follow:

  • The student should be registered in bachelor’s, Master or Ph.D. programs.
  • Selection of specific arenas and designation linked with the academic background.
  • Applying online by filling out the registration form.

Microsoft is a worldwide chance, open to all global students. The period of the internship program is a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months based on the area of knowledge and academic records. Applicants independent of their nationality are qualified to apply.

Microsoft Internship opportunities are offered throughout the year so that applicants can apply anytime based on their accessibility and suitability without worrying about the last date. While the entire internship program is fully funded, it must be added that the registration charges is free.

The most significant advantage is that applicants do not have to go for IELTS/ TOFEL certification to fall into the application grouping. Along with these aids, the internees will also get free confirmed certificates. And most importantly, the addition of such a exclusive tech company to the CV is a huge plus if one becomes a part of such a wanted chance.


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